Coming soon to a cinema near you

This is a guest post by Peter Delow, originally published on HS2 and the Environment.

The film that they said should never have been made.

Winner of the white elephant prize.

“It will make you weep”



Justine Greening as the wicked stepmother (she seemed so nice until now)

David Cameron as the big gang boss

Nick Clegg as the guilty accomplice

Lord Adonis as the spectre at the feast

Philip Hammond as the tough guy

And introducing

Maria Eagle as the lady next door

Read what the critics had to say:

“The rail lobbyists have now achieved the grandest squander of public money after warships and computers, and these at least can be scrapped without wrecking the Vale of Aylesbury” – Simon Jenkins, The Daily Mail.

“The vast investment in HS2 would be more effectively spent elsewhere” – The Independent (editorial).

“The economic case for building it has yet to be made” – The Sunday Telegraph (editorial).

“It’s a folly and Ms Greening should think again” – The Sunday Times (editorial).

“There are good alternatives to the route, which even Labour, who invented the proposal, now concedes is deeply flawed” – Melissa Kite, The Daily Mail.

“Data fromFrance and other countries with developed high-speed networks suggests that they suck economic activity into the capital more than they push it out into regional centres” – Andrew Gilligan, The Sunday Telegraph.

“Britain still has time to ditch this grand infrastructure project – and should” – The Economist.

“I am not convinced that the concerns of local people and of environmental campaigners alarmed by the potential impact to the Chilterns have been properly taken into consideration during the decision-making process” – Caroline Lucas MP.

“We have had a consultation, to which residents have responded overwhelmingly by saying that they do not want the plan to go ahead. Despite all those points, Ministers still seek to override people’s will. That is deeply worrying.” – Justine Greening MP (said about Heathrow).

“Uncomfortable fact number one is that the railway is already relatively a rich man’s toy” – Philip Hammond MP.

“There is only one thing worse than spending money you don’t have and that is buying the wrong things and doing so in the wrong way” – David Cameron MP.

Don’t miss it – you just won’t believe it until you see it.


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