Youtube: Hypocrisy in Action

Video by Stop HS2.

Theresa Villiers, Norman Baker and Justine Greening – when in opposition – complained about the fiddling of figures and dodgy consultation. When it was about Heathrow..

What a difference an election makes!

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  1. Justine Greening now thinks so little of Network Rail’s bonus bosses, shamed into doing the right thing. But she made her judgement on proceeding with HS2 largely on the basis of NR dismissing the upgrade of WCML as a viable alternative. So does she now still trust their impeccable judgement?

  2. A little boy asked his mother if he could have a bag of apple bonbons. “No you cannot! “said his mother, “the dentist said they will make your teeth rotten and they will fall out!”.
    The next day the boy’s sister asked their mother if she could have a bag of strawberry bonbons. “Yes my dear, of course you can”, her mother replied, “your teeth may fall out, but it doesn’t matter”. Is she right to have protected her son’s teeth but not her daughter’s?

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