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Since the announcement of the HS2 proposals in March 2010, there has been a huge groundswell of opposition. During the subsequent months we have seen this web-site grow from a small blog, to become the official voice of the STOP HS2 campaign.  Thousands of people visit this site every day, and we are expecting even more when consultation is underway.  To support this ever increasing volume of activity we needed to make a few changes…

  • A new theme, to make it easier to read.
  • Social media links so that you can “tweet” or comment on every article.
  • Some changes to our software, to improve speed and reliability of the site.

Some things are now different from the old site:

  • The discussion forums have been replaced by the ability to comment and reply to comments on any post.
  • On many screens only excerpts from articles are only shown (just click on the title for more).
  • Some of your bookmarked pages may have changed

Over the coming months we will fine tune the new site, and add more features to help you in the campaign against HS2.  As always, your feedback is the most valuable aid in this improvement process, so please add your comments below.

Best wishes from,

Your STOP HS2 team.

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3 comments to “Updated STOP HS2 web-site”
  1. I could not see any link to the petition!
    Early days but the old website seemed a little more user friendly.


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