HS2’s damaging economic effects

In a debate on rail services to Scotland on 20th December, attended by just 5 MPs, Glasgow North MP, Ann McKechin said

“It is time for those who oppose HS2 to consider properly the economic interests of all parts of the United Kingdom.”

Opponents to HS2 have been considering the the economic interests of all parts of the United Kingdom – but has she?

If she had, she would realise that the HS2 proposal will have damaging effects on parts of the country not directly affected by it.

Evidence to the Transport Select Committee inquiry on high speed rail from the Cardiff Business Partnership showed the HS2 proposal would be damaging for Wales and the West Country.

The Cardiff Business Partnership evidence showed that Wales could lose 21,000 jobs if HS2 went ahead, and the southwest would have 48,000 fewer jobs, as well as lower economic growth.

Maybe it’s Ann McKechin who needs to spend more time considering the negative effects of the HS2 proposal.

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