Stop HS2 has released a Christmas single in attempt to raise greater awareness of the campaign as Justine Greening delays her decision about whether or not to proceed with the proposed high speed rail line. The song ‘Oak Tree Lament (Did you stop the HS2?)’ has been recorded by Buckinghamshire band Dirty Mavis.

The song was specially composed to support the ‘STOP the HS2’ campaign after Lead singer of the band Martin Davis was whilst out walking his dog along unfamiliar wooded paths, much of which will be destroyed if the proposed HS2 route goes ahead.

The song will become available to pre-order on music retailing websites over the coming week before the launch on December 19th, ready for a big push in the Christmas chart battle. It is already available via text message. The song will be available via download only and Stop HS2 will receive around 15p per copy direct to campaign funds, depending on the retailer. It is currently available to buy by SMS, users should text TRACK 7655 to 80818 (Texts cost £1, which includes operator revenue share. UK only.)

There will be a launch party on Saturday 17th December at Lacey Green Village Hall. Tickets will be £10 including a buffet, and need to be booked in advance. Contact Roger Waller on 01296 623675 or

Stop HS2 Campaign Co-ordinator Joe Rukin said;

“We’ve been really impressed by the band. They have put in a lot of effort and the song is absolutely brilliant. Not only does it make the point in a way that gives you goose pimples, but also unlike so many songs at this time of years, it actually sounds like a Christmas song. . I know that if people hear the track they will love it and hope that translates into them buying it. We need our supporters to pull the stops out with this one and not only get behind the campaign, but go to their friends and relatives and get them behind it too.”

“We hope this initiative will get more people to back the campaign at this crucial time. Justine Greening has confirmed she is delaying her decision, but she has to realise that a bit of greenwashing and tinkering with the route just ain’t going to cut it. The whole thing has to be scrapped because there is no business case, no environmental case and no money to pay for it.”

“Recently we have seen the ‘Yes’ campaign touring round the media saying HS2 is needed to rebalance the economy, provide jobs and rail capacity. All of these arguments, like all of the other arguments  are spurious. HS2 will mean London benefits ahead of the regions, the handful of jobs created are years down the line and you could create five times as many for the same money, and most trains aren’t over-capacity, the trains which are full are full because of the fare structure and we just need longer trains and more work on the existing infrastructure. Cancelling HS2 means delivering more benefits to more people more quickly for less money. Why are we even thinking about this?”

 Notes to Editors:

  1. Radio stations requiring a file for broadcast should email or call Joe  Rukin on 07811 371880.
  2. The developing website is at and the Facebook site is at The track can be heard on these sites.
  3. There will be a launch party on Saturday 17th December at Lacey Green Village Hall. Tickets will be £10 including a buffet, and need to be booked in advance. Contact Roger Waller on 01296 623675 or
  4. For more information contact Joe Rukin on 07811 371880, Penny Gaines on 07765 780553 or Jerry Marshall on 07941 017236.
  5. People can sign the petition against HS2 via the Stop HS2 website. or directly at


  1. Yeah it’s crazy when you hear how the government spends money. You have all these departments competing for budget that are disintegrated which leads to waste. This is a good cause and would be much better than Little Mix taking it. I also recently read the Military Wives choir are also going for Xmas number 1. I think everybody should get behind these singles instead.

  2. Fantastic, has and olde English feel to it!!

    Do we know if the Department for Transport or the Campaign for HSR are going to bring out their singles for Christmas?
    I remember that cartoon of Philip Hammond as Father Christmas, that would make for really great cover art.

    • I love the song too. This is an important campaign. The countryside is irreplaceable and it is madness to squander £30 billion pounds on a scheme just to cut twenty minutes off a journey.
      If we spent £1 billion on improving and re-opening a lot of our old railways that would be far more useful, and it would create just as many jobs.

      These days people can do their work on a train anyway, using their laptops!

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