CAMPAIGNERS wanting to call a halt to the Governments proposal for high speed rail (HS2) have had to start their petition from scratch due to the Government relaunching their official e-petition website.

Prior to the last election, David Cameron promised that under his leadership, any petition getting over 100,000 signatures would receive a parliamentary debate. Over the last year, Stop HS2 has done that and collected the 100,000 signatures required to trigger a parliamentary debate via their online and printed petitions. However, on August 4th the Government relaunched their official online petition service, declaring that petitions administered via their website would be the only ones recognised. The new Stop HS2 petition can be signed via the Stop HS2 website at

Stop HS2 Campaign Coordinator Joe Rukin said:

“Up to the end of the public consultation, actions groups across the country had been holding various events and having stalls where they got people to sign our paper petitions. When the consultation finished, we called in all of these, and while they are still coming in, it quickly became clear that when they were added to the total for the online petition that we would have the 100,000 we needed to get a Parliamentary debate and were preparing to hand them in when Parliament returns in September.”

“Then just as the consultation finished, the Government reintroduced their own online petition service, stating that they would only recognise petitions on this website, meaning we have to start all over again. It’s a real pain as not only will many people believe they have signed, so won’t do it again, but also it is clear from feedback we’ve had at stalls that many supporters don’t have internet access or an email address which is needed to verify signatures. It’s annoying that we’ve got to start all over again after all that work, especially as the website keeps breaking down, but we are confident we will get the numbers in the timeframe.”

Notes to Editors:

  1. For more contact Joe Rukin on 07811 371880 or Penny Gaines on 07765 780553.
  2. People can sign the petition against HS2 via the Stop HS2 website;
  1. Can we please show somewhere the address to connect to the gvmt petition you can then put stop HS2
    not everyone is able to find things easily on the computer and while it is good to keep the original increasing the govt one is slow as of course many feel they have already voiced their feelings.

  2. This is completely unacceptable and if we dont get the 100000 on the epetition I can just hear Mr Hammond saying there is little opposition to HS2!!

    We must all contact our MP’s to get the original accepted and at the same time sign the epetition

    Surely it cant be right that you need an email address to sign an online petition

  3. You might be interested in the article on it is in the list on the left Fast train coming andis by a town planner that has just walked the proposed line.He started off as for it but has since changed his view.

  4. I have read John Williams letter from the speaker and it makes it sound as though eveyone can present their case.It is my belief however that the hybrid bill is restrictive in that those M.P.s whos constituences are affected are unable to vote.I am so glad to see that the (original )
    petition has crooed the 50,000 mark as it had slowed to a couple a day.

    • I am pleased to see the numbers increase but Im very concerned that people are not signing the govt epetition which is the only one that really matters

    • “the hybrid bill is restrictive in that those M.P.s whos constituences are affected are unable to vote”
      That is totally unfair, shows what kind of democracy we are living in when those who are effected don’t get a say.

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