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Today, August 4th 2011 the Coallition Government relaunched their online petition service. This is finally coming good on a manifesto promise for David Cameron, and it will be the mechanism by which petitions getting their 100,000 signatures within a year will get a debate in Parliament. As however, the current runaway winners are on both sides of the death penalty debate, we’ll wait and see!

As anyone who tried to fill in their HS2 Consultation online at the last minute might expect, the website in question is constantly going up and down at the moment, so don’t be put off and keep trying! 

This also doesn’t mean people should stop signing the old online petition, as this will be printed out and delivered to Downing St along with the paper copies at a later date. Also, we get the email addresses with that one!

What it does mean is that you have to tell everyone you know to sign this one; and of course tell them to keep trying if it doesn’t work out first time.

 At least todays mess has lead to a completely true statement from The Goverment;



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  1. Who will benefit the Whole County, increased economy and better transport that simple. The route has been determined as the best route possible to get from Birmingham to London part one . The shortest point between two places on a map is a straight line, is that not common sense. But I forget it is going to be built in the Chiltern Hills which are gorgeous, like most of the UK but it’s a narrow strip of land not the whole area. The Chiltern is where MOST of you live and you don’t want it in your back yards.

    What would you prefer an eight lane motorway or even better you say that the environmental case if poor, that the line will have a high energy usage. You say that better ways can be considered like using video calls for meeting. If all meeting are to be done via video calls we would need a new phone network which would include the building of Radio Towers and fixed line wire network. If we don’t get Hs2 built do you want to changes name now to stopMasts or something simpler?

    • Morris,

      I believe you also respond to other anti HS2 blogs and letters in other on line publications. I am sure it is you because you come up with the same nonsense each time. The UK does not need a new high speed rail line anywhere in the country, it is not a matter of objecting to this scheme just because it will ruin large areas of the country but also as we keep saying there is no justifiable need for it and no proven benefit to be gained just a lot to lose. The state of economies across the world and especially in Europe are in a poor state because Governments have consistently spent more than they collect, often on stupid vanity projects that do not benefit the majority of people. Why do we want to do the same??

      • Is this the new bus word for stopHs2 a “vanity project”. You keep saying that the new line will ruin large areas of the country (sorry the Chiltern or YOUR back yards or lawns). In the 1900`s when most of the railway was built did they say then it will ruin the country and most of the engineering buildings and structures are grade A* listed now. The last report from an independent group (people in stophs2 may need to look that word up) stated in favour of building hs2 on environmental grounds and even the chairman of your group stated in the governmental questions that the upgrading of WCML would not be suitable for demand but I see most of you have forgot this now.

        • Vanity project is not a new buzz word — we’ve all been saying it for about a year .

          When the original railway came it saved about a day’s journey time from Birmingham to London. This effort saves just a bit over 30 minutes despite raping the environment in the process.

          It isn’t environmentally beneficial. The Green Party say it’s “environmentally unsound”, even Phillip Hammond admitted it with his famous “broadly carbon neutral” remark. I’m not saying trains are bad things, just this ill thought through proposal where the absolute emphasis is raw, straight line speed.

    • Morris. You “work” in transport. The transport sector is the cushiest of careers in the entire public sector – that really is saying something. You are clearly just concerned about your own narrow career interests. The money should be used to pay down the national debt and grossly inefficient public bodies in transport should be closed. I suspect you work for a PTE? Would that be correct? Because they are funded from council tax and not centrally they have so far been largely overlooked. I hope that changes because they achieve nothing that they could not achieve as part of the council.

      The entire funding of transport in this country has so far escaped public scrutiny, just token “audits” by auditors whose interests are clearly compromised – when that changes and hopefully it will – then there wont be any more insane spending on courses, away days, empty train services to london, bus’s specifically driving around to get pelted with rocks in bad areas, people going to schools to teach children how to catch a bus, staff that sit around in an office all day doing almost nothing and so on ………….

      I can see why you are so rattled on this site……….there may come a time you have to get a real job

  2. The epetition site is a shambles and Ive no idea if my signing has been accepted or not as it keeps going tp page not found
    God help us if they go ahead with HS2!!!

    • John you can tell if it’s been accepted because you get an email with a link to confirm email address. This link then confirms you’ve signed it.

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