Last Few Days for the HS2 Consultation

The HS2 consultation closes on Friday.

If you have started a response by filling in a printed consultation form, it’s time to finish it and send it in.

If you have started a response by using the online form, it’s time to finish it and submit it.

If you have started a response by writing an email, it’s time to finish it and send it in.

If you have started a response by writing a letter, it’s time to finish it and post it.

Next weekend will be too late: do it now.

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High Speed Rail Consultation
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9 comments to “Last Few Days for the HS2 Consultation”
  1. Like many, I left replying to the consultation until this week. Appears there is no clear, logical purpose for HS2 – just rhetoric. Link to a blog post with my views on what I’ve learnt in case it helps others:

    • HS2 is needed because the existing trains and roads are overcrowded and will become even more so, and it is too disruptive and expensive to upgrade existing lines as was proven by the west coast upgrade. Even very high speed rail is less polluting per passenger then road or certainly air. There is also a very good economic case especially when wider benefits are included. It sounds clear and logical to me. The rhetoric mostly comes from the hs2 critics.

      • What about all those journeys that will have to be done to get to the very few stations. They will add both time to the journey and conjestion to roads in the area. For those not near any stations (like me) I will continue to drive to the North as I do now, cheaper and more convinient.

          • I have been doing the same journey for the past 10 years and it hasn’t got any better or any worse, the M6 toll doesn’t make any difference as hardly anyone uses it. I base this opinion on personal experience, what is yours based on?

      • HS2 would, I am sure, represent a small improvement for the tiny minority of travelling people who use it. Rather like Boris Bikes in London, it will – I am sure – be welcomed by those few users. However, like Boris Bikes (but on a MASSIVELY larger scale) – HS2 will be funded by public money in its implentation and require permanent and heavy subsidisy throughout its operation – by yet more public money taken from the vast majority who will derive absolutely no benefit whatsoever. Look no further than HS1 for evidence! My vehement objection is to being required to pay for something which will allegedly benefit business – It is a fact that if a positive business case existed, then business would provide the requisite funding itself. Because there is no business case (or rather a negative one), Joe public is expected, once again, to pay for this scar to be inflicted across our beautiful country with no prospect of any positive return. I take no consolation from the fact that a few business bottoms would enjoy nicely padded seats for their beanos to and from the North… Whilst the rest of us mere mortals continue to cram onto the crumbling transport network to which we are abandoned due to ‘lack of funding’ …

        • Sorry, but where is the evidence that HS2 will only be used by business people? This is more speculation dressed up as fact by the Stop HS2 campaigners. There is no evidence for this ‘fact’ whatsoever.

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