A video of the HS2 Consultation Roadshows

Just in case you missed out on all the HS2 consultation road shows, Southam News have produced a video showing you what they were like.

Edited to add:
While we think that Southam News’ view of the roadshow is a little extreme, there have been a number of legitimate concerns raised about the roadshows organised by HS2 Ltd. Some of these can be seen in these newspaper articles:
HS2 Roadshow rolls in to Calvert Green
Residents flock to roadshow as HS2 debate intensifies HS2 debate intensifies

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  1. i am 100% against the Hs2 because of how fast it will go and what it will do to the enviroment and this will cause a lot of probolems to people who live along the track like me i live about 100 meters from the actual track and if it gets made i will be one of the people that would be affected in a bad way and this is just to let business get to their job quicker. so one man wants to get to their £40 an hour job but they most likely dont know what the train will do to people near the track, their house might be damaged from the sound waves and that is why i am against the HS2.

    • Was the house there first or the track. If the track then why say anything about niose. I live 2m from the track in old cottage and bet the house was not built first in your case

  2. Just out of interest, are stopHS2 planning to release a published set of accounts at some point? I notice you are a company limited by guarentee similar to Network Rail…

    • Like all companies, we will be submitting accounts to Companies House.

      However to put things in context, the Campaign for HSR, which was set up to oppose groups like Stop HS2, is asking for donations of £10,000 from organisations which support them. Our largest ever donation is a fraction of that.

      Contrary to popular myths put forward in the press, Stop Hs2’s campaign is run by volunteers on a shoestring budget.

      • Campaign for High Speed rail was set up ( as per notes on website ) representing employers from across the country who believe Britain needs a modern, high speed rail network to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

        It makes no mention of the stopHS2 campaign whatsoever, so to say it was created specifically to oppose you guys is actually incorrect.

        Asking for donations of £ 10000 is not the same as actually getting that amount. Of course there is nothing actually stopping stopHS2 asking a wealthy local for a donation of that size……or for that matter , a business whose livelihood is likely to be affected by the new rail line….

  3. And then you wonder why campaign group just dont get taken seriously.

    For those of you interested in some proper footage, here is the one which shows members of the public and MP Jeremy Wright who are none too happy about the HS2 proposal.Also note a local farmer who has donated a cheque to the stopHS2 campaign


    • Please note that any fundraising at the stop HS2 roadshow tent has been undertaken by local action groups, and not on behalf of STOP HS2 Limited.

      • Although StopHS2 may not directly have substantial budgets to work with, I preseum you are the co-ordinating body for all the local action groups. Given the number of posters and other publicilty activities going on, I imagine these groups combined have substantial resources in terms of cash and available time. Will Stop HS2 be collating and publishing the budgets from all the local groups? This would give a very different impression of the resources available.

        For example, the £125,000 Chiltern District Council have allocated to campaiging against HS2 (an outrageous waste of Council Tax money in my opinion) plus whatever staff time and money Bucks County Council have designated for this purpose. I doubt very much that the anti HS2 lobby are short of cash…

          • That’s about £150m per year. I wonder how much of that is cost inflation caused by countering misinformation from Stop HS2 et al? I somewhat object to my money being wasted on that aspect.

            Anyway, £150m per year seems like pretty good value for a project of this size.

            • The Guardian—-‘The government was revealed last week to have offered some £20m in compensation to those homeowners affected by the route’.

              How’s that for misinformation —I presume they’re referring to the EHS

            • Constant references to ‘the £33 billion London to Birmingham rail link’ springs to mind (London – Birmingham is £17 billion. Unscientifically developed noise samples played to concerned residents, the constant ‘no business case’ argument…quite a bit of misinformation actually; opinion always presented as fact.

              Stop HS2:
              No Arguments, No Credibility, No Point

            • You’ve seen today’s article then, Ian, which mentions £33 billion, Leeds, Manchester and London – but not Birmingham. It’s almost a Pavlovian reaction from you, you always say “but London to Birmingham is £17 billion” when the cost is mentioned.

            • Just to clairify any misunderstanding…..the total quoted cost for HS2 is £33 bn. This is the whole project. The inital part of that ( ie London to Birmingham ) costs £17 bn.

            • Most occasions when an ‘anti’ message is delivered by Stop HS2, it is accompanied by the phrase ‘the £33 billion London to Birmingham link’. I wonder who the press get that off…

              Maybe my pointing out this constant misinformation has started to hit home…

          • Indeed John……and the total cost when complete will be £32bn, which works out at 20p for every £100 of government spend over that period.

            • No matter how you boil it down,£32 billion (that figure as I understand it is from 2009 and should be uprated} is a very significant sum and we deserve a thorough and open evaluation of all the alternatives.

    • Thanks for sharing that video Gary.
      Making donations and fund-raising as part of the cam pain is nothing new, and it’s certainly no sign of foul play.

      But the thing about the campaign for High Speed Rail are effectively doing the government’s job of promoting HS2, so I think it’s a bit of a cheek for them to ask for donations.
      Also, predictable for me I know, but HSR is 20th century technology, France had HSR networks in the 70s, must we always be playing catch up?
      Maglev is modern, high-tech, 100pm faster, uses less energy, better for the environment, and more flexible.
      Britain should lead the way, not follow behind.

      Businesses are selfish, they only care about themselves are making a profit, that is why they support HS2, because they see something in it for them.
      I think the stopHS2 campaign has got HS2 Ltd and the govt scared, so keep it up!!

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