Glancing at the McNulty Report

Stop Hs2 are currently analysing the McNulty report – the summary alone is 77 pages long, so it will take a while.

One thing that has already stood out is the comparison in the main document between UK costs of high speed rail construction with European costs:

“While the examination of seven high speed lines across Europe showed that construction costs in the UK were significantly higher, when compared with the four most directly comparable projects, HS1 costs were at least 23% higher.” (p33, full report)

But then, we’ve said it before.

You can download all the documents here.


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  1. Remember ‘the Dome’? Mandleson and co. Arguing what should/shouldn’t be inside?- While it was being built.
    It’s only became a success when O2 took it over. I’d love to see Trams in Edinburgh, would use them myself, it’s
    Become so bogged down with issues caused by different political parties and blame. Quite sad.

    • The tram issue in edinburgh was started by the contractors asking for more money from TIE, which is a project management team at arms length from the council.TIE refused…which set off a chain of events. However it will be finished….the rolling stock is already being tested elsehwere, you may well see one or two of these in Croydon.

      Stuart….you never answered my question….

  2. I think McNulty makes an excellent point here. And, of course, if costs can be brought down substantially ahead of construction work beginning on HS2 (after all, its several years away), it will have an even stronger business case than it already has. I assume that Stop HS2 will then drop its opposition to the project..?

    • Id agree with the fact that overall costs in the rail industry are too high, however Network Rail are already on the case and have set some anbitious targets for CP4 and CP5. The new CEO has already initiated an enhanced process of a efficiency drive….for starters, he got rid of the chaffeur driven vehicle available to him !!

      Having read the report, one thing that really caught my eye as far as HS2 was the point about the upcoming WCML franchise in 2012. Four bidders are in for this, but it has actually now been delayed. The franchise itself was timed to end for the opening date of HS2, however the Mcnulty report points out that whilst rail franchising is very common nowadays, a lot of countries devolve that to the local regions, the main intercity trunk routes remain under state control. Currently our ECML is under state control after the last franchisee handed back the keys, and was to be re tendered out at a later date. I can t help feeling that the WCML is heading that way as well….its a very profitable line nowadays now that its had the investment, which of course was funded by the government through Network Rail….

    • I think you live in cloud cuckoo land if you think that somehow the hs2 project will cost less. If anything it will cost more. Look at Edinburgh tram scheme if you want to see how horribly wrong something like this can go.

      • Look at Edinburgh tram scheme if you want to see how horribly wrong something like this can go.

        Spot on mate. The Edinburgh tram schema is a lesson to us all on why we shouldn’t try building anything at all any more, anywhere. It’s all rubbish. Everything is a white elephant and it won’t stack up. It’s all hopeless. Let’s just give up now.

        • I know, tough isn’t. Wanting something so bad but then realising there is no money to pay for it.

        • You only have to look at the Manchester Tram scheme to see how right things go……currently in the process of a mega expansion on the back of what has been a huge hit since it first started years ago.

          • Whats happening in Edinburgh is heartbreaking. Just google ‘Edinburgh Trams’ the whole sorry mess is there.
            This will be discussed for years how not to do something. Shows what happens when politicians get involved.

      • Look at HS1…on time and on budget. Don’t see the relevance of a poorly organised tram scheme located in a complex city environment to a major new build rail project.

        • And you don’t think that hs2 is a complex scheme? Have you seen the plans? Absolutely no possibility of any thing going wrong?

          • I do think HS2 is a complex scheme. But it has nothing in common with the Edinburgh trams. HS1 was also a very complex scheme…delivered on time and on budget. By the Government.

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