12 comments to “Woody examines the DFTs HS2 Consultation document”
  1. I really like this – the character Woody and what he says is great for using in school with students of all ages, even very young children, to raise awareness of the HS2 issue. Thank you!

  2. it made me laugh and it made me cry. much prefered it to the video with the two young girls, less preachy. Funny accents always good. I cry with woody. I still think we need to borrow the tardis and the doctor who music……………..

  3. Even a blue faced puppet can see what a farce the HS2 consultation is!
    Perhaps puppet speaking to ‘party political puppets’ is the only way to get through.
    At least free thinking Woody doesn’t need a Whip to beaten to toe the line!!

    • Not sure why its a farce……the plans are well documented and publicised. There are a good number of roadshows up and down the length of the initial route…..you have plenty of opportunities to air your views via a variety of mediums. You can go along and see your own MP if you wish…..after all , MPs will be deciding on this via a vote on the floor of the house.

      So all in all, its not as if this is being hidden away and then suddenly sprung on a suprised public. I would certainly advocate a public inquiry as well……

      • … you can take part in a public consultation that blocks certain people from contributing ..
        So all in all, its not as if this is being hidden away

  4. Lol……and I thought stopHS2 was a serious campaign…..

    Penny……you dont do you and your friends any favours with this I m afraid…..

  5. Well,- there you are. That answers all the points anyone might need explaining.

    Any questions you need help with? Just ask your nearest puppet- or hamster or litter bin…

    Atomic energy? The inner thoughts of goldfish? the Big Bang theory in relation to the Meaning of Life …?

    No need for further debate.

    Just ask Woody…..

    Class dismissed

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