A silent movie for the bank holiday

It is traditional for bank holiday TV schedules to include a few old films. Not many these days go back to the era of silent movies, though.

However, recently HS2 Ltd have decided to remedy that, by issuing a silent animation of what HS2 will be like.

You can view it on the BBC website. But, like the BBC warn “this video has no sound”.

4 comments to “A silent movie for the bank holiday”
  1. Crafty devils not adding sound effects. You should edit it and put the sound of a HSR train going past, that would give people a fairer idea of what it would be like

    • I see Luke still hasnt replied to my question about the link…..come on Luke its dead easy !! Just post it and then we can all see if you are teliing porkies or not!!

      Also notice in the video just how close the vegetation is the track …..I thought there was supposed to be a no vegetation zone of 72 metres??

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