TSC inquiry on Integrated Rail Plan

The Transport Select Committee are currently holding an inquiry into the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) and are currently asking for evidence to be submitted by 24th January.

Their webpage says

The Committee is interested in the implications of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) for the economy and rail capacity and connectivity. We are particularly interested in receiving written evidence that addresses:

  • The contribution that the IRP will make to rail capacity and connectivity for (a) passengers and (b) freight in (i) the Midlands and the North and (ii) the UK
  • Whether and how the IRP will “level up” communities in the Midlands and the North
  • How the IRP will affect rail infrastructure and services outside the Midlands and the North
  • The challenges to central Government, Great British Railways, regional and local authorities, transport bodies and other stakeholders in delivering the IRP
  • How the rail schemes in the IRP will integrate and interact with HS2
  • How the rail improvement schemes in the IRP were selected, and whether those selections represent equity between and within regions
  • Whether the IRP represents value for money for UK taxpayers

As with all Parliamentary inquiries, they are keen to hear from everyone: if you would like to submit evidence please use the links on the inquiry webpage.

(Stop HS2 will also be submitting evidence, so if you’d like us to include it instead, please email us at info@stophs2.org )

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