Stop HS2 react to Chinese offer to build HS2

Stop HS2 have reacted to news that the China Railway Construction Corporation has offered to build HS2.

In a letter sent at the end of January to HS2 chief executive Mark Thurston, the Chinese firm offered to build “significantly lower than the projections we have seen”: with credible estimates of up to £106bn being discussed in the Oakervee review, it is not clear which projections the firm are referring to. The letter says that they would be able to offer funding of “up to 80% of the project value”.

Joe Rukin, campaign manager for Stop HS2, said
“The idea that the Chinese might be involved with HS2 should fill everyone with dread, as their high speed network has been beset with severe safety issues and corruption. Things are that bad that they not only buried the crashed train when 40 people died at Wenzhou, but their former rail minister was handed a death sentence for taking $250m in bribes. Right now, HS2 Ltd pay disungenuous lip-service to the environment and communitues, but if the Chinese are running the thing we won’t even get that.”

The letter can be viewed here: hs2letterfrom16thbureau

3 comments to “Stop HS2 react to Chinese offer to build HS2”
  1. With the high court ruling today on Heathro lets all club together and put a case against hs2 ,and get this mad idea scrapped

  2. The Chinese will do a better Job than the corrupt British contractors, the likes of Carillion!
    Just look at McAlpine who are 3 times over budget at £80 million on a piss pot clock ( Big Ben ).
    The British contractors will never manage to complete on time neither on budget,
    Bring on the competition and good value for money with the Chinese.

  3. Courting Chinese disaster: Chinese steel is of poor quality and doesn’t last long with potential for rail failure and accidents unless high cost regular maintenance/replacement takes place = Short term Chinese gain but long term UK pain.
    Annual Rail Budget monies, for maintaining rail infrastructure, not released since 2018 as money is being held on to for 2 projects: HS2 and east west rail.

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