Report from Twyford public meeting

Twyford HS2 Action Group held a public meeting yesterday – their village hall was full, with people standing at the back.

The meeting was opened by Gary Eastman, who explained what Twyford Action Group, Stop HS2 and other groups had been doing on their behalf.

Parish councillor Rae Sloan talked about the proposed maintainence depot at nearby Calvert.  She said there is very little information about it – see Missing Maps.  She also discussed a planned incinerator at Calvert (which campaign group SAVI are vigourously opposing).

Lizzy Williams visited Twyford when she walked the entire route, so she updated residents on that.  She also discussed the work of Stop HS2, our plans, and the need to tell our friends in other parts of the country about the huge financial burden that HS2 will put on taxpayers.

Penny Gaines spoke briefly about the website, the Stop HS2 petition and our Twitter feed.  She said an easy way for people to help the Stop HS2 campaign was to link to in their email signature.

The last speaker was Jeremy Quin, talking about the politics of HS2.  He said the situation seemed bleak in March, when HS2 had cross party support.  However the efforts of numerous people looking in detail at the proposal are making a new HS2 railway line less likely.  The Coalition government is committed to some kind of High Speed Rail, but this could be achieved by upgrading the existing main lines.

If you’ve been to a HS2 meeting recently, we’d love to let everyone know about it.  Email with your report.

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