2 comments to “HS2: The Monster Train”
  1. Not to worry, it will spend most of it’s life in a field under floodwater. Then they will wish the hundreds of billions should have been spent on flood defences instead.

  2. Cherish this childs’ voice: HS2 has told our village that our lives and our childrens’ lives will FOREVER be affected by noise levels above legal limits from this monster going over our village on viaducts.
    Our childrens’ mental health will in time, according to World Health Organisation findings, be impaired by exposure to these levels and because we will not be able to spend time out of doors due to the noise, our physical well being will be compromised too. Children’s mental ill health issues are now well known and HS2 admits that it will be adding to the numbers. Every child, every person, in every village and community along the line will affected.
    So what will it do to our fragile and diminishing wildlife that, like us, needs peace and tranquillity in order to thrive?

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