We’d Like To See HS2 Out Of The Woods Too

A group of leading environmental organisations, have today issued a call for the Government to “Rethink HS2”, saying “We’d Like To See HS2 Out Of The Woods Too”.

Publishing a full page advert in a number of media, they have also launched a website with email tool for people who are concerned about the effects of HS2 on wildlife and the climate to get in touch with their MP.

As well as the Woodland Trust and the Wildlife Trusts, Greenpeace, the Ramblers, WWF, Client Earth, RSPB and the Friends of the Earth also back the campaign.

Rethink HS2 advert published 3rd September 2019

Rethink HS2 advert published 3rd September 2019

The text of the email states

If the Government is serious about the Climate and Ecological Emergency it has now declared, it needs to act now to save our environment from the destruction HS2 will cause. HS2’s preparatory works should be halted immediately, at least until a decision is made on whether the major works contracts even get the go-ahead at the end of this year. An independent review of the climate and ecological impacts should also be completed. Although the ad does not refer to it, I am extremely concerned that HS2 is set to enable a major expansion of airports across the UK. This is one of the last things we should be doing in the face of our climate emergency.”

Click here for the Rethink HS2 website

One comment to “We’d Like To See HS2 Out Of The Woods Too”
  1. This is unbelievable, HS2 is under review (?), there is a climate and bio-diversity loss emergency and Grant Shapps tells HS2 to carry on their devastating works during the review ‘in the event the Government chooses to continue’. What if they choose not to continue or does Mr Shapps know the outcome already and is paying lip service to keep the public quiet?
    How will we ever live this catastrophe down and repair our woodland and countryside?

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