Stop HS2 response to Lords Economic Affairs Committee report on HS2

Stop HS2 reacts to a report on HS2 by the Lords Economics Affairs Committee, published on 16th May 2019.

Penny Gaines, chair of Stop HS2, said
“Once again, this Lords Select Committee are scathing about the case for HS2. The government’s budget at £56 billion is huge, and theEconomics Affairs Committee point out that the costs do not seem to be under control. What’s more, as the Committee point out, for a project that is supposed to be helping people in the North, it seems strange to plan to build the southern part first. There are so many other schemes and projects that could be put in place with that money if HS2 was cancelled. It’s time this government listened to people across the country and cancelled HS2.”

Speaking of the petition calling on the government to halt work on HS2 until it has been given Notice to Proceed, Penny Gaines added,

“We are really concerned with the environmental damage being done at the moment by HS2 and their contractors. In the guise of preparation works, they are trying to cut down trees and dig up the countryside, even though they will not have permission to build anything for months. We call on the government to halt this environmental disaster straight away.”

Joe Rukin, Stop HS2 Campaign Manager, said
“Everything we have always said about HS2 is coming true as it is now absolutely clear it cannot be delivered on time, it cannot be delivered on budget and it cannot be delivered to the promised specifications. All HS2 delivers are fat contracts and a massive land grab for the people who have been lobbying for it, at a massive cost the the natural environment. While about £5bn has been wasted so far, if HS2 were to get Notice to Proceed, it would mean spending around that amount every year for two decades so it must be cancelled immediately before any more money is spent and any more damage is caused.”

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  1. Im puzzled….Mr Thurston tells us there is a clear economic case on the BBC this morning whilst the Economic Affairs Committee are concerned that cost are out of control….did we just see HS2 royally sticking two fingers up at Parliament today? Hope Mr Thurston is invited to take a seat and answer some questions!…and soon

  2. Hoping that those worried about the Environment will support The Lords and sign the Petition.
    Train travel should be a Service, not the Task Master..

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