“Left and right unite against HS2”

We’ve been busy at the party conferences, talking to people, attending fringe meetings and handing out leaflets.  What we’ve found from both Conservative and Labour attendees is that the mood of the country is against HS2.

That’s summed up in these two pictures of Ellie the White Elephant from twitter:

PS Thank you to our tremendous team of leafletters in both Liverpool and Birmingham: we couldn’t have done it without you

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3 comments to ““Left and right unite against HS2””
  1. I an 85 and thank goodness I will not see HS2 in its develop stage, a sheer waste of money for a few minutes gained on travel time, rather like Concorde for the high payers. I cannot see where this is supposed to bring in greater prosperity for the areas affected. But can see the number of people who will lose their homes.

  2. Great job

    Now MPs must do their bit and ask many questions on fraud cases,student numbers at both colleges,timetable slippages,costs,appalling treatment of property and business owners etc etc

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