Are you a member of the National Trust?

The proposed high speed rail link passes close to a number of National Trust sites.  They’ve said they are particularly concerned about Hartwell House, near Aylesbury.

The National Trust AGM is on the 30th October and they want their members to put questions to them about any aspect of the National Trust’s work.

If you are a member you can do this by emailing – in the text of the email you should state For the Attention of Evelyn Taylor. This is an opportunity for National Trust members only: you need to include your membership number.

You could write to the chairman of the NT, Simon Jenkins, as well. He wrote England’s Thousand Best Houses: included in there are Waddesdon Manor and Claydon House which will be affected to varying degrees. He is also author of England’s Thousand Best Churches. Listed in his book is Twyford’s St Mary’s and Chetwode’s church.  Both will potentially be rattled to rubble.  There are probably more.

He has is already expressed personally he’s on our side, eg in his March article for the Evening Standard.

You can write now. The more people who email the more likely a subject is to be discussed at the AGM.

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