Former Transport ministers languish low

Conservative Home survey of Members: Cabinet League Table Aug 2017, with Hammon, McLoughlin and Greening in negative popularity

Conservative Home survey of Members: Cabinet League Table Aug 2017

The results of the most recent Conservative Home survey have now been published on their website, and one thing comes out clearly: just like last month, ex-transport ministers still hold the bottom three places.

As ConservativeHome points out

“The bottom is otherwise unchanged. Justine Greening, Philip Hammond, and Patrick McLoughlin seem to have as tight a grip on the bottom of our table as do our chart-topping trio on the top. The Chancellor’s score is slightly up, whilst the Chairman’s has slipped into the minus-30s, but they’re essentially the same. Can Hammond lift himself out with his Budget?”

Even Chris Grayling, current holder of the role of Secretary of State has fallen in popularity ratings since last month, slipping from 17.7 to 12.4 and staying in the bottom third of the table.

While we do not go as far to claim that HS2 is the sole cause of the former ministers unpopularity, it certainly doesn’t help them. 

Conservative Home readers do not rate HS2. In May, HS2 came bottom of the table of potential policies in the Conservative manifesto, when the readership were surveyed.  

Many people think Theresa May does not listen to the country as a whole: but in particular she does not listen to the members of the Conservative Party about HS2 either. 

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