Westminster Hall debate on HS2, 6th September 2017

This afternoon at 4.30 – 5.30pm, there’s going to be a Westminster Hall debate about HS2 in Parliament.

The debate has been organised by Antoinette Sandwich, MP for Eddisbury.  The debate is on the route of phase 2b of HS2 to Manchester and Leeds.

The debate will be broadcast live by Parliament TV – you will be able watch it here.

Stop HS2 will be watching the debate and tweeting about it here. We’ll also be tweeting as Penny_Gaines and JoeRukin.

3 comments to “Westminster Hall debate on HS2, 6th September 2017”
  1. stop ruining our countryside stop expanding for no reason except to accommodate fat cat meetings across the country

  2. This is typical of HS2’s ignorance of railway building. To me it is appalling that they continue to be the driving seat. The idea of breaking down he consultations into individual meetings is disastrous. They have tried this in my area – Hillingdon and South Bucks – they give different answers to each meeting in order to pacify them, they say they will find out the answers but never come back. The last meeting I went to, about three months ago, it was an almost new team who did not seem to know anything about the history of problems in the area, and had produced quite the wrong maps. There have been no replies yet to our queries.
    A senior constructional engineer I was talking to recently said that all the best senior engineers have been creamed off to deal with Brexit matters, which leaves us with a lot of newly graduated engineers.

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