The long walk(s) to Chequers

During the consultation period, Jim Rodda, from the Chiltern Society is planning to walking on the Chequers estate every day.

Chequers is only a couple of kilometres from the proposed HS2 route, but the peace of the estate will be protected by a short range of hills. It was given to the nation for the use of the Prime Minister as “a place of rest and recreation”.

Jim is blogging about his walks on Facebook, and his updates include the HS2 alphabet.

If you would like to join him on his treks, or lead a walk yourself just contact Jim for more details – he can supply you with maps and routes. Email him here, the Chiltern Society here or call 01494 728527.

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  1. 2 things for people to think about

    the peoples pledge campaign by the express to force a referendum on our membership of the EU – has implications for reduction of future population growth possibly if there was a no vote and other implications relating to travel to europe.

    the recent discovery at manchester university of a new type of conduction material which will dramatically decrease electricity needs for hightech computer equipment like computers -. any physics boffins amongst you might shed light on this, and if it has implications for this campaign.

    Seems to me we are in a state of flux and the 250mph train might be outdated before it even gets built.


      The material is Graphene – 2 Russians won the Nobel prize for this up here at the Uni.

      Supposedly replaces silicon…..idea sounds fine, whether its commmercial is dependent on someone applying it.

      Not quite sure what is has to do with HS2 – unless the trains were made from it in which case they would be ultra light !!!

      Not sure what the Express article is …..but I think we have already imposed quotas on immigration anyway recently by insisting on graduates and the like…..

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