STOP HS2 urges support for victims of today’s Earthquake and Tsunami

This morning sees terrible natural disasters affecting Japan and possibly the entire Pacific Basin.

Today is also the anniversary of people finding out their homes were under or alongside the path of the Government’s preferred route for the all new High Speed 2 line. They did not find out from the Government, they found out from journalists knocking on the door or via community gossip and the internet.

To read more about the year of Stolen Futures please read our press release here.

STOP HS2  believes due to the events in Japan and the Pacific it is now entirely inappropriate to mark the anniversary by protest events.

People directly affected by High Speed 2 are suffering and have been for a year but nothing in comparison to the tragedy unfolding from Japan. It would be inappropriate for us to dwell on HS2 today when people’s lives are threatened by natural disaster. Our thoughts, prayers and support remain with those directly affected by HS2 but even more so today with those who have lost or face losing their homes and lives  because of the earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. STOP HS2 urges its supporters to support those in peril on this terrible day however they can.

We are not aware of any official earthquake/tsunami disaster appeal as yet but you can access the general Red Cross Disaster Appeal Site here.

Lizzy Williams

Chairman STOP HS2

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  1. I cannot believe what i am reading,.The earthquake is terrible and it goes to show how self centered those who want to argue for HS2 realy are.They have no imagination, how they would they feel, if they, or their loved ones were affected by any diasters.Perhaps they are not real and have mastered a way of doing the CAPTCHA code.
    I can well understand stress causing someone to fall.I am sure that it is affecting a lot of lives.not just along HS2
    route.Just be thankfull lads(im sure thats what you are)that you have homes and jobs at the moment because times are getting tough and you may not be so quick to speak the way you have, this time next year.

    • Please, everyone, ENOUGH! This is a catastrophic natural disaster, not a points-scoring opportunity. Never mind who started it, please just STOP!

  2. here is how to help from a US site.

    I am saddened that the pro lobby have chosen to hijack our support today for the victims of the earthquake and tsnumai. What motives do they have? If they really cared about the world they would be joining us urging support for the victims and spending time doing that. My 9 year old son and I have spent all day planning how to fundraise for Japan – that’s what good people are doing – they are doing something to help.

    As for insulting the people affected by HS2 you should be very, very ashamed. How dare you. This could be any mother, grandmother, aunt or similar, if you read the article it is the callous way in which they are being treated that is the issue and to make such statements when lives have been lost in a major international disaster shows how you would prefer to attack people in our country whose rights have been taken away rather than do something positive to help those who are suffering. It perplexes me how much time you are all spending doing this. If you really believed in what you were doing you would concentrating on selling your case to the UK not attacking the people who raise questions. We know who you are. Do something constructive and help those in need or you are simply helping our cause in showing that HS2 is a vanity project to be pursued at any cost.

    • A separate post about the tsumai with no mention of HS2 would have been appropriate. This reads like a cynical manipulation of a tragic story, just to garner sympathy for your own cause.

      As for insulting the people affected by HS2

      There were no insults to those people whatsoever and you know it.

      And to make such statements when lives have been lost in a major international disaster

      You are trying to take the moral high ground by exploiting a sad story on the news. Sorry, it won’t wash.

      How dare you.

      How dare you try to stop a transport infrstructure project designed to improve the lives of *MILLIONS* of people, because it will spoil someones view, or because you won’t be able to go fox-hunting anymore, or because it might be a bit loud.

      We know who you are.

      A threat. Thanks. What a nice bunch of people you are.

    • If you do ‘know who we are’, you would know that ‘we’ are not part of any organised group, but are individuals who object to our taxes being wasted on having to argue against your misinformation.

      Also, if you do ‘know who we are’, perhaps you would like to explain what data you are holding…there are laws about data protection. Would a freedom of information request to you about your data storage help to clarify matters?

      • Anyone who uses the internet is traceable via IP addresses. We are not a government funded body therefore we are outside of FOI legislation. STOP HS2 Ltd fully complies with data protection law.
        We are self funded and have every right to run our campaign and question spending of our taxes. We live in a democracy and have every right to express our opinions as you do as long as they fall within the law. You seem to be suggesting that noone should question anything about HS2 or the way the Government operates. That is ridiculous. We live in a democracy and have every right to ask questions however we see fit and will continue to do so.

    • Lizzy………I m afraid Richard ( and Ian further down ) is correct……a separate thread just dedicated to the terrible events in Japan with no mention of HS2 would have been appropiate……

      • Lizzy is correct – FOI act does not apply to privately funded bodies.

        Yes – we live in a democracy….and it is right that we have a freedom to state our own personal views without fear of reprisal. But stating ” we know who you are ” does not do you guys any favours……I have already seen 1 stopHS2 supporter have his wings clipped by the moderator.

      • Please note that the Stop HS2 website is a website dedicated to discussing HS2. We plan our articles around happenings relevant to HS2.

        11th March was the first anniversary of Lord Adonis’ announcement regarding the building of the proposed HS2. We sent out a press release on 10th March, and wrote an article for yesterday.

        After the Earthquake in Japan, the article we had already written to mark the anniversary of Lord Adonis’ announcement was clearly inappropriate. So we put a article relevant to the HS2 announcement anniversary and the press release we had already sent out.

        However, we also said HS2 was “nothing in comparison to the tragedy unfolding from Japan”.

        It was up to our readers to choose to write comments on the events in Japan.

    • What do you mean? Who pays my wages is none of your business, but no one who is anything to do with HS2 if that’s your concern.

      My motive is to argue for HS2 and expose the anti lobby for what it is; namely people who are prepared to use any tactic, apparently without limit, to get their way.

      • From an employers perspective, I would suggest you are not very good value for money. Be brave Ian and do tell us your employer.

          • Self-emlpoyed for 17 years, which is why I get so irked when I see my taxes being wasted.

            Police, teachers, nurses – more of them on a fair wage please, as well as decent pensions.

            • Well, on your criteria, I think you’ll be more than happy with my occupation. However, I don’t give out personal details on web forums, and I’d advise anyone else not to do so.

              Going back to my original point, I’m sorry but I find STOP HS2’s use of the earthquake for publicity utterly distasteful. That’s all I have to say on this, but you really need to think about what is acceptable and what is not.

            • We are a community based website. To not acknowledge or address current issues would be wrong. You are the people spending most time diluting the pressing international disaster. We do not seek publicity – hence we have not been actively tweeting etc. today as a mark of respect. What do you do? Instead of showing how people can help you waste time attacking us – shame on you.

    • What does Stop HS2 have to do with the Japan earthquake? There is absolutely no connection between the two. The only possible reason for you to mention it is for publicity. I stand by my first comment; you have no sense of what is and is not appropriate.

  3. We are not ranking the two whatsoever. As a mark of respect we have decided not to actively protest today on the first anniversary of the annoucement as it is completely inappropriate when as you say thousands of lives are at stake. This website is a centre for information on HS2 and our supporters. It is a shame people choose to attack us whatever we do because we oppose HS2 especially when we are showing our care for others.

  4. Not sure it’s entirely appropriate to rank hundreds of thousands of peoples’ live being destroyed by a natural disaster alongside HS2. Do you people really stop at nothing to try and make your point..?

    • Sadly, it appears not:

      Woman falls down stairs and it’s all the fault of HS2:

      One particular incident was, we believe, caused by the distraction of the all-pervasive stress. My wife lost her footing on the stairs and fell breaking her ankle very badly and dislocating her shoulder.

      Transport infrastructure project to aid the north of England and Scotland should be cancelled because line is visible from someone’s house:

      It was little help when six months later the Government, on a whim, changed the route so that the line would run on the other side of our house and be visible from all our windows.

      Stop HS2 – have you no shame at all?

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