Minister says HS2 should be cancelled to save money

Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt has reopened the debate about HS2, questioning whether it is worthwhile spending the money on it when cash is desperately needed for public services.

Here’s how this was covered by Roberto Perrone on BBC Three Counties Radio;

5 comments to “Minister says HS2 should be cancelled to save money”
  1. HS2 should be linking the northern cities together first , and maybe not coming to London
    but if HS2 can not be stopped can the government be made to to change HS2 to stop at old oak common , with links to underground and overground and only some trains go to euston also no 1st class will help capacity , as they are usually not full . so no widening needed at euston and through camden .

  2. On lbc just now Grayling said the budget for hs2 at today’s prices is 55 billion
    Surely that ignores inflation since 2015 and what about the vast cost of connecting to it.

  3. Let’s hope the government sees sense ; I wish Labour would also stop supporting HS2 – a shameful waste of our money which could be used to benefit far more people by improving existing rail networks especially in the North & North West

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