Some Recent News Items

Some recent news items:

Order Order: Yet Another HS2 Delay: Number 10 Watching Closely

Evening Standard: Budget 2017: Northern cities could derail plans for Crossrail 2 link

City AM: Why HS2 could be a train wreck for Euston station

Evening Standard: Sadiq Khan: London’s transport network will grind to halt amid ‘unbearable strain’ without Crossrail 2

Rail Technology Magazine: Do we have credible costing methods for major projects?

Rotherham Advertiser: No idea how many businesses will be affected by HS2 route, company admits

Birmingham Chambers: Land supply issue rears its head following HS2 go-ahead

Stratford Observer: Proposal is still a ‘white elephant’

Construction News: HS2 delays CH2M contract award after Mace objection

City AM: HS2 faces questions over the hiring of its new chief executive and concerns of a “revolving door” to a contractor

Construction News: HS2: CH2M enforced ‘Chinese Wall’ during partner bid

New Civil Engineer: Complex ground conditions could hike HS2 cost

Financial Times: HS2 chief calls for ‘everyday low prices’ on new high-speed railway

Bucks Herald: Local MP David Lidington: HS2 managers must ‘raise their game’ after HS2 is granted royal assent

Digital Today: Digital connectivity key to Northern Powerhouse

City AM: Controlling costs of £55.7bn HS2 project will be “challenging”, admits Department for Transport

Derby Telegraph: HS2: Tensions run high as Long Eaton residents demand more answers from rail bosses

Middlewich Guardian: Mid Cheshire Against HS2 pledges to continue its fight after Phase One given go-ahead

The Star: HS2 proposals for Sheffield is ‘looking like a cut price option’

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  1. As Sir James Goldsmith said when a band wagon is forming it is time to jump off. Why does redevelopment of Darlington station have to be related to HS2. Darlington and the near area has been deserted by not developing the process industries after rise of Middle East chemicals. Get a manufacturing and process plan with some substance first.

  2. Cooking the books not balancing the books. Can anyone understand the projections and how debt is reducable with £200B needed for HS2 and must be NHS2 and SH2.

    The budget provided weasel words and very sketchy words and phases for infrastructure. What is planned. Seems little is financed.

    NHS2 has more support than HS2.

    Hunt changes focus on A&E process times as GPs can not cope with the population that demands more than the capacity in the GPs. Hammond changes focus to more the balancing date beyond the predicted and projected periods.

    Not Euston we have a problem but Europe has a vast problem and the UK is not sure of direction and projects that are affordable.

  3. I think I’m living in a parallel universe.
    The media is banging on about the absurd NI increase yet nothing on 56bn on hs2 not to mention all the local spend required to access it

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