M18 Route HS2 Judicial Review

The irrational decision of HS2 Limited to recommend a move of the HS2 Eastern Leg route 30 km to the East from Sheffield is today being challenged by residents in communities along the newly proposed route. Residents in Mexborough in South Yorkshire and in Crofton, West Yorkshire who are being grossly affected with property demolition, property loss and harm to their human rights are combining to pursue a judicial review of the negligent actions taken by HS2 Limited in breach of the duties placed on them by the Secretary of State for Transport.

This is action is being taken on behalf of the citizens of South Yorkshire who have been robbed by HS2 Limited of a previously consulted route which had majority support from elected councils and MPs throughout region. Evidence has come to light that HS2 Limited failed to properly assess the existing route in regard to adapting it to possible multiple station options, that HS2 Limited misinformed residents along route and that HS2 Limited gave unfair treatment to the views of some stakeholders while disregarding those of other legitimate stakeholders against the rules of natural justice.

On the grounds of fairness we feel that a route which is mitigated by only 2% tunnel through green belt communities where other parts of the HS2 Project viz Phase 1 are 29% tunnel shows contempt for the laws of natural justice and the human rights of Yorkshire people.

Finally on grounds of maladministration HS2 Limited misinformed the Secretary of State and the public about the true costs and impacts of a route HS2 Limited had previously rejected in 2011 and for which they conducted no proper research.

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  1. Examination of missing ingredients across Yorkshire and Lancashire does not identify transport deficiencies as key issues. Replacing old power stations and modernising commercial areas has little hold back due to transport. Need for work, jobs and capital more important. Another mistaken approach by MPs and Osborne or Adonis Balls and Milliband. Beginning to realise MPs have not got the ability compared to old boards.

  2. With such little use to daily commuters and millions of standing commuters on shorter radial routes taxpayers and pensioners will ask how and why Mrs May did not have the gumption to halt the project. What is and will be the most criticised and unjustified project for the UK all will say politicians ruined the opportunity to improve a rail network by addressing the wrong issue wrongly.

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