The HS2 Bill trundles on

With the publication shortly before Christmas of the House of Lords Bill Committee report on HS2, the Phase 1 HS2 Bill continues to grind its way through the Houses of Parliament.

There are several more stages to take place in the House of Lords: Committee Stage, Report Stage and Third Reading. Then there will be Commons Consideration of Lords Amendments.

In addition, the Department for Transport have yet to respond to the House of Lords report.

The date for the Committee stage, with line by line examination of the Bill, has been set for Tuesday January 10th. This will be a Grand Committee. We will give more information as it becomes available.

It’s worth noting that the original timeline for HS2 had targeted Royal Assent for before the 2015 General Election, so HS2 is approximately two years behind  that schedule already.

6 comments to “The HS2 Bill trundles on”
  1. How dare Mrs May bang on about mental health when her govt has caused so much stress and anguish on so many fronts including hs2

  2. Two years behind the project’s Parliamentary assent clearly suggests the rumination of malingeringing doubts concerning the economic value of HS2.
    As the OBR, which really, in effect, is both the ‘siamese twin’ mouthpiece and potential scapegoat of the Government when things go from bad to worse, repeatedly revises down its economic projections, evidently, this downturn in creditability can only be tenuously compensated by wishy-washy and uncorroborated futuristic guestimations about meeting the demands of an ethereal quantum of business passengers.
    There is nothing in the slightest bit Keynesian about HS2 : it would not oil the wheels of the economy : the journey-time differentials are generally too insignificant to make an iota more of profitability to those who travel the line for business. And just as it would be most unlikely to make the South any richer, it would be rather equally unlikely to bridge the economic divide between North and South.
    If the truth be told, the only interests to profit out of HS2 would be its already enriched brokers, and an evermore yawning chasm of increased national deficit that the rest of us would share in would lie in waste around the deal.

  3. Unless we can get govt to come clean on what services will cease on current lines and the true total cost of ‘making the most of hs2’ ,public and media apathy will empower MPs to ignore evidence and the gravy train will trundle on

  4. This welcomed delay is saving the nation the money for better projects. Lets everyone hope the Lords can be more effective than the MPs please. HS2 is wasteful and waste of debt or inward investments. Houses and other improvements better for the UK population. Wages in South East 40% up in one year and therefore HS2 is already 12% more than the uncertain budget for all the gaps, omissions, mistakes and grey areas. Come on Prime Minster Trump Cameron by common sense and stop this waste please.

  5. Why has no politician got the guts to stand up to the government and spell out how bad this flawed scheme is? Disgraceful.

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