Its Ada Lovelace Day!

Modified from last year:

As a former computer programmer, I’m fully behind the idea of Ada Lovelace Day.  I think it is great to remind people that women have been involved in STEM careers for centuries.

I find it amusing that the first long distance drive was by Mrs Benz to her mother after an argument with her husband, who had been developing the automobile – but in reality her husband had relied on Bertha’s money, but wouldn’t market it to enable them to recoup some of the investment.

I think it really sucks that Caroline Herschel (1750-1848) is eclipsed by her brother, in spite of discovering numerous comets herself, and being a major help to her more famous brother. (George III paid William £200 per year and Caroline £50 a year.)

But when it comes to pay the Georgians were better than twenty-first century HS2 Ltd have been: HS2 Ltd paid their male CEO 6 times the salary of the woman he replaced.

It will be interesting to see what Kirby’s replacement gets!

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  1. Well, we have had the usual rubbish from Grayling. His speech indicates he, like May, hasn’t bothered to look at the details. There is still NO independent commentator backing this nonsense, worries about costs are dismissed, much of the information which would have discredited HS2, completely, were and remain suppressed. Passenger number increases relate largely to commuter lines into London, largely from the south-east. Most long-distance business travel, on which HS2 is posited, are falling for obvious reasons. Support remains minimal, but that doesn’t matter because this “Govt.” has decided that it is a good idea, they remain completely out of touch, who is going to finance this farce, or has a deal already been done by the bumbling amateurs Cameron & Osborne.

  2. greghands
    Great news that work on #HS2 starts in New Year. We need to catch up not only with France & Germany, but also Korea, Taiwan, Spain & more.

    55 billion to catch up!
    How about pulling ahead and getting in the 21st century

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