I walk among this patchwork quilt

Written by Gloria Dales and previously published last year.

How beautiful it is to see,
This picture here in front of me,
It makes me smile and makes me feel,
It’s so enchanting – it can’t be real.

Through fields of cattle, wheat and maze,
My tender eyes are lead to gaze,
At distant hills and at farmsteads spread,
Proving us our daily bread,
Our meats and oils, breakfast fare,
It makes me grateful they are there,

i walk among this patchwork quilt,
Absorbed by all that nature’s built,
Small creatures, flowers, birds and trees,
All changing as each day decrees,
Natural cycles trundle by,
Beneath the ever changing sky,

My contentment raised as I take a look,
At this page of my picture book,
It stretches far as my eye can strain,
Spoilt only by that high speed train.

It’s just a vision in my head,
That fills my heart with utmost dread,
That soon my picture will contain,
The construction belt of the high speed train,

I have been told that when enhanced,
Surrounded by mitigating plants,
It will be pleasing to the eye,
This straight line reaching to the sky,

But yet I know that once complete,
There’ll be less grass beneath my feet,
More man made mess will grace the frame,
With nature’s picture never seen again.

2 comments to “I walk among this patchwork quilt”
  1. The trains are full, trains are full,
    So sit on the floor, sit on the floor
    We need more seats, need more seats,
    Let’s build some more, build some more,
    To get us there quicker, get us there quicker,
    In half the time, half the time,
    It’ll free up more space, free up more space,
    On the ageing line, the ageing line,
    To carry more gods, carry more goods,
    From here to there, here to there,
    It’ll spread out the people, spread out the people,
    To make it all fare, make it all fare,
    Congestion will spread, congestion will spread,
    But that is all right, that is all right,
    We’ll all be the same, all be the same
    With spaces so tight, spaces so tight,
    The crucified land, crucified land
    Will give up it’s gift, give up its gift,
    We’ll import our food, import our food,
    From countries adrift, countries adrift,
    But when it’s all full, when it’s all full,
    We’ll panic recall, panic recall,
    The trains are all full, the trains are all full,
    And so is it all, so is it all.

  2. HS2 wanton waste by poorly planned route with no passenger demand at its price per ticket. How senseless are the civil servants and weak MPs who carried favour with Cameron. Gone from the situation May is left with a task she has not the courage to change to date.

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