Urgent funding appeal.

This is a joint appeal on behalf of AGHAST and Stop HS2.

The recent change in Government has presented us with one final chance to get HS2 cancelled before they are due to start building it next year. The decision to review the plans for Hinckley C the day before contracts were due to be signed has shown that Theresa May is not blindly going to stick with everything David Cameron and George Osborne had in the pipeline.

We now have one final chance to take our arguments to the Conservative Government, at their conference this October. For the last month we have been planning to have a stall, but this week we received a setback. At the last minute, party officials have come back and said that the stall will not cost the £7,000 we had been originally been quoted, but £20,000. This is obviously before the cost of materials and everything else we need to run a stall.

We do have alternative options to have a presence at the conference, and we are looking into those, but we know whatever we do will need a lot of funds to cover the costs.

As such, we urgently need to raise funds for one last final push to get HS2 cancelled.

If you can help, please email roger@stophs2.org urgently. Any payments will be returned if we fail to achieve our target.

Deanne Dukhan

Penny Gaines

Joe Rukin

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  1. I live in West Wales. It takes me 45 minutes to drive to my nearest station for a train to London, 35 minutes in the opposite direction to my nearest station for a train to Manchester.

    My local Lib Dem MP is fully behind HS2.

    • I take HS2 is not going through your back garden. Perhaps your comment would be different if it were.As for your local Lib Dem MP his /her view point matters not one way or the other.

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