Crofton hit the ground running, Mexborough is next

Within a week of the route changes announced by HS2 Ltd last week in Yorkshire, first out of the blocks to hold a community meeting for the public public was Crofton last Wednesday. As has been the case with so many such meetings in the past, it was standing room only.

On Monday 18th, Mexborough will be next, holding a meeting at the Mexborough Academy, Maple Road, S64 9SD at 6pm.

Crofton had good right to be the first place to hold a meeting. As they are right at the end of the proposed route change, what happened last week was for HS2 to move from one side of the village to the other, with the new route causing more damage than the first one did.

crofton140716-3As such it was a great meeting, not only for those impacted in Crofton, but the perfect place for the newly effected communities to come and learn what they should be doing.

One things coming out of this meeting was the mass signing of this letter to the Wakefield Express:

“We the Undersigned, residents/representatives of Crofton are horrified and disgusted at the plans of HS2 Limited to destroy large parts of our village by the siting of the High Speed Two Train track through our community.

We oppose, the siting of the track & the depot here. We are furious that no consultation was made with our community or elected representatives, prior to the 7 July 2016 announcement.

crofton140716-2We will fight to stop the Construction of the Track here in Crofton. We call on David Higgins of HS2 Limited & Patrick McLoughlin Transport Minister to meet with us to here alternative proposals to re-route the track out of our village into unoccupied farm land to the East or West of our 9,000 strong community.

We call on Council Leader Peter Box & Wakefield Council & HS2 Limited to carry out a full Environmental Impact Assessment & Full assessment on the human and business impact on our community.We call on our elected Member of Parliament John Trickett MP to visit Crofton & immediately table a Question in the House of Commons at the first opportunity.

HS2 Limited has blighted our village & we demand compensation for loss of house prices for families who have purchased or are selling property. We demand HS2 Limited meet with us at the first opportunity to understand that Crofton has been grossly affected by this unnecessary targeting without consultation or consideration for the damage to the people,environment,& businesses in the village.

We express solidarity with other effected communities in Mexborough, Hemsworth, Altofts, London & elsewhere across England.

We will work to see this £80 billion vanity project is scrapped,or changed so that ordinary peoples lives are not wrecked, in order that Rich people can travel faster.

If you are looking at setting up a public meeting on the new route and would like some help or advice, you can contact us at Also, the links below may be of use.

Crofton AG Website

Crofton Facebook Page

Mexborough Facebook Page

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  1. Quote from Ed Milliband

    “The more I hear about this proposed HS2 route, the worse it sounds.

    “It will evict families from their homes, disrupt people’s lives, and have a significant impact on parts of our beautiful countryside.

    “I will work with concerned residents, councillors, the Mayor of Doncaster, and other MPs, to do all we can to persuade the government of the case for it, based on the economics as well as the effects on my constituents.

    So why is it ok to inflict this monstrosity on anybody and why did you make your MP’s vote for it?

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