HS2 Ltd challenges go against “basic democratic principles”

The MPs who have had their Locus Standii challenged – i.e. all the MPs who petitioned – have written to HS2 Ltd over concerns about Locus Standii and errors in emails from HS2 Ltd to their constituents who have petitioned.

The letter can be read in full here.

In the letter, the MPS say that HS2 Ltd are trying to gag them and their constituents with the number of Locus Standii challenges HS2 Ltd have issued. Echoing the concerns raised in the House of Lords debate, the MPs say the Locus Standii challenges go against “basic democratic principles as one of the most serious and fundamental responsibilities of a Member of Parliament is our unique position to be able to represent those who elect us to serve”.

They go onto say that the challenges are “erroneous and injurious” to their ability to perform their duties as Members of Parliament.

In addition the MPs raise concerns about email correspondence people have received from HS2 Ltd and their agents. They say the emails received have led some people unclear as to whether the Locis Standii challenges HS2 Ltd have issued them are still in place.

They point out that the “failure in communication from HS2 Ltd continues to be systemic”.

The final issue raised is the timing of the Lords Select Committee hearings, which means that many challenges will be heard during the run-up to the Referendum.

The letter asks for a full response from HS2 Ltd and answers to all concerns raised.

You can read it here.

PS Stop HS2 Locus Standii will be on Tuesday 7th.

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