Petition receipts being sent

The House of Lords Hybrid Bill select committee received well over 800 petitions in total.

Writing to petitioners last week, they say:

“With petitions being received via email, post and in person and some petitions being sent a number of times,  we are having to process all of the petitions before we can send any receipts – so that we can weed out the duplicates and number the petitions sequentially.  This, together with the very large number of petitions received on the last day of petitioning, has severely delayed our anticipated plan (which was to acknowledge receipt on the day of receipt).   We are, therefore, sending email receipts to everyone (even those who hand delivered their petitions and already have numbers).  If you have already sent in your signed originals and your fee please bear with us; you will receive a written receipt in due course (probably next week) but we are currently  prioritising getting an emailed receipt to as many people as quickly as possible.  Please be aware that we are sending them in the order that we received them so if you know somebody who emailed their petition on the last day please tell them that they may well have to wait until we’ve sent out 500 receipts before we reach their petition.”
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