Anything left to say in petitioning the Commons?

After almost two years, the process of petitioning the HS2 Hybrid Bill Committee is almost over. The final set of petitions will be heard in the first week of February, which includes the final appearance of Stop HS2 on February 3rd.

In the past, Stop HS2 appearances have covered national issues and a round-up of regional issues. In that vein and also because we’re sure there are important points regarding the national issues we’ve forgotten about over the years, we’d like to hear suggestions from you of things to bring up. Of course we can’t promise we’ll be able to bring everything up, but do really want to hear from you.

Please email any suggestions to

Once the committee has finished, they will produce a report before the Bill goes back to the Commons for 3rd reading, probably in March/April as we do not expect the committee to take any considerably time in preparing their report. Assuming the bill is passed by the Commons, it will then go to the Lords where the entire process, including petitioning will happen again.

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