Stop HS2 at the SNP party conference

Stop HS2 are currently at the SNP conference in Aberdeen. If you are attending, please come and see us, at Stand 76.

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One comment to “Stop HS2 at the SNP party conference”
  1. Scotland is 200 miles by 120 miles. Do not believe any transport plan is envisaged but too much focus on independence and self control. Politics is overbearing on developments. Short of money and complaining that they do not have sufficient income tax range to make a difference to revenue incomes. Not interest in fracking because SNP is posturing to win next term in office. Certainly the SNP is too focussed on complaints and using a downbeat approach that they cannot achieve much now but with independence they would be better. Better what makes the area better for their population. Scotland needs it own transport and property development plans independent of the SNP political posturing. Where are the Scottish planners. We know where the politicians are but not the leaders for economic and development progress.

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