Some recent news items

We haven’t posted news items for a while, so some of these go back to August.

Guardian: HS2 plans require ‘huge number’ of weekend line closures, say campaigners

Get West London: HS2 denies claim project won’t start on time

Birmingham Post: Work on HS2 could be ‘stalled by two years’

Coventry Observer: ‘Blank cheques’ for HS2 high speed rail line, says Warwickshire campaigner

Richard Wellings: Ten rail capacity solutions that don’t cost the earth

Get Bucks:Government agrees HS2 tunnel extension to South Heath

Stoke Sentinal: Revealed: The £800k cost of Stoke-on-Trent’s failed HS2 bid

Yorkshire Evening Post: HS2 station plans on track for overhaul

Mix 96: Bucks HS2 Damage ‘More Than Initially Predicted’

getBucks: Campaigners angered after being missed out by HS2 select committee

Camden New Journal:Composer warns people are being ‘treated like scum’ as HS2 replacement homes complaints mount

Insider Media: Berkshire Council opposes HS2 depot planExpress & Star: £7bn HS2 contracts go out to tender even though scheme not yet backed by MPs

The Guardian: Our lust for Chinese investment has caught us out, Ashley Madison-style

Express & Star: HS2 the ‘wrong answer’ for the West Midlands, says Green leader Natalie Bennett

One comment to “Some recent news items”
  1. Network Rail was failing as more people drifted to big bucks for nothing HS2. What wasteful use of people, time and money. The Adonis Hoon Cameron Osborne Hammong Greening and Mcdougle little Goodwill fiasco. Corbyn recognises the UK railways are a financial disaster with consequences. Munro not addressing commuters big mistate. Higgins not able to understand railways. Hendy out of his depth and no bottle to do the obvious. Admit failure for Network Rail and political dysfunctionaliy for HS2 as the scrutiny body House of Lords have identified half the problem. Now the second half a national planning disaster. Chiltern Line has passenger increase potential and all three lines ECML, MML and Chiltern Line and some changes from and to the WCML and half the money saved and end of HS2 and the begining of a lot of catch up work. So High Speed UK were right all the time. So much for this Select Committee of non-experts and Bottomley. Lack of back bone and trashing your petitions. Petition on AP3 and AP4 shortly and if you missed petitioning in the first place or missed AP1, AP2 simply add these to AP3 or AP4.

    People actions will change this obsession by Cameron to a return to sanity and care for the current network with some long overdue improvements. Unfortunately the Secretaries of State, Rail Ministers and the DFT Civil Servants and HS2 Executive consultants and managers lost their directions with Labour and Coalition and now Conservatives. Hopefully this Labour team will demonstrate they can be trusted to return the UK policies back to realistic aims and plans. Not before time. Has Corbyn got what it takes. The railway return to lower fares and improved maintenance and improvements affordable and achievable within your life time and meeting of commuter needs on the underground and on the railway networks will tell. How to get policies wrong by trying. Shameful period of the lost five year chasing failing plans. Time to get real. Time to change. Time to admit the need to stop and refocus on what is achievable and what is not practical. Petition and petition your raiway and Britian needs you to petition. All those Councillors and MPs who had not the courage to say stop this is not workable. All those MPs without a clue as to the wrong strategy the PM and SOS were peddling. Cameron and Osborne simply did not comprehend they had to do the right thing and that was and is not HS2 trainspotters. Y does HS2 not fit the UK. Too small and crowded and people were not listened to again.

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