Don’t Ruin Me – HS2 protest song

“Have you got a point to make, Game to play, Bones to move…
…Don’t Ruin Me”

Large parts of the beautiful English countryside featured in this video will be destroyed by HS2…. is it something that you need?

Music written and performed by John Bonney
Photographs by Keith Hoffmeister & members of HS2 action groups.

One comment to “Don’t Ruin Me – HS2 protest song”
  1. Reading Volume 5 Technical Appendices Ecology proves how little Hoon and Adonis knew of habitats in 2009/10 and how little Hammon knew in 2011 and DFT HS2 know now

    Please include in the Supplementary Environmental Statement SES how the rash selection of HS2 Route 3 Phase1 was based on the AOS’s and on the County Environmental Baseline from 2009 to 2011 and public consultation. Read the current and not complete Volume 5 Technical Appendices and relate the partial statements to your local knowledge. HS2 are sliding into their documentation what was not known and demonstrating significant gaps even now. Attach your identified gaps to your petitions to demonstrate how the nudge process failed to determine the extent of habitat and species impacts and losses to your community and local area or farm.

    HS2 Hoon and Adonis did not know or care to know of the devastation to local ecologies and Hammond and Greening did not know of care to know.

    Well now partial information is in the SES but not sufficiently consistently for the route and the sides of the route due to hapazard surveying and presentation by HS2 consultants. The Environmental Audit Committee missed the issues and the EA and Natural England have permitted the route to cause the damages now being recorded and illustrated in the maps in Volume 5 Technical Appendices.

    Please reply for your area by the 18th September 2015 please and request the Hybrid Bill Select Committee permit you to update your petition please. Thank you.

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