Digging up more dead, because they’re not digging so deep?

Today, The Sunday Express have reported that HS2 Ltd have applied to exhume bodies at Kensal Green Cemetery where Isambard Kingdom Brunel is buried. For the last five and a half years they have insisted that this is something they would not do.

This change of heart begs a simple question, why? Either they have always know this might happen and have chosen not to tell anyone, or it’s a cock-up they have spotted at the last minute. Knowing how HS2 Ltd operate, either of those propositions is equally possible, but cock-up looks more likely at this point.

The reason for this is that since 2012, HS2 Ltd have been saying the tunnel a couple of miles away in Ruislip would be 30 metres deep. That was until this month when Tim Mould QC was forced to admit this was wrong, painfully demonstrated in the video below. HS2 Ltd now admit they propose to dig their tunnel in Ruislip at only half the originally published depth. Given that the HS2 tunnel designs are unlikely to resemble the gradients of a log flume, it’s reasonable to assume that if the tunnel is now higher in one place, there has to be a knock-on effect elsewhere, such as Kensal Green Cemetery perhaps?

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