Any Answers? Well, two and they both say Stop HS2

Last week, HS2 came up on the BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Any Answers’. No surprise that both members of the public were not convinced, and made convincing arguments against it.

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  1. Cameron just takes he’s orders of the ROTHCHILDS,the real architects of this filthy evil satanic project,twenty five years of hell and the total destruction of the countryside,this is all this project is about,nothing more nothing less,get real and wake up!.

  2. Cameron is not creating prosperity for the public. UK tourist spending by the British is down in 2015. HS2 will not boost UK tourism by rail as it misses most of the coastal areas, misses Wales, Scotland South East and South West. Cameron is most confused and has not acquired the lessons of experience by setting off on more commentary politics and not on practical feasible projects people need and want for their daily lives for power, education, health and enjoyment. Cameron clearly has not got a clue about creating a happy nation but is tearing into maximum destruction of land areas. Compared with a narrow rail corridor Adonis and Hammond/Greening and now the SOS DFT selected too wide a route through communities and areas obtaining no rail service from the £50M to more Billions of destructive spending. Cameron is becoming the person creating the most destructive impacts that a group of Select Committee MP’s have not the courage to curb. HS2 is a British great disaster happening through group thinking MPs who do not deserve £7K per year. UK Sovereign Fund would simply create more havoc across the UK for a few investors.

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