Series of Letters in the Independent

The Independent’s letters pages has had a number of correspondents writing in about High Speed Rail, and HS2 in particular.

It started with the publication of the Passenger Focus survey on passenger’s concerns. The Independent reported that toilets and ticket prices were the biggest areas of concern for passengers.

On the 12th, Marilyn Fletcher wrote to say that HS2 is “superficially prestigious, but it will not improve the daily grind for most people.” (High-speed train we don’t need.)

Then Kyn Aizlewood questioned why “subsiding train journeys by £12bn possibly be a public-sector priority when front line services – health, police etc – face cuts?” (Cheers, it’s the train for me.)

More letters followed over the next few days: Time to rethink the HS2 project, Letters: Perspectives on high-speed rail and Why we need high-speed rail.

Is that the last word, or are there more letters to come?

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