The Transport Secretary is McLoughlin

David Cameron has just re-appointed Patrick McLoughlin as Secratry of State for Transport.

The March 2015 report on HS2, from the Lords Economics Affairs Committee, had 16 questions about HS2 that the Government should consider about HS2. In it they asked

“The slow progress of the High Speed Rail (London–West Midlands) Bill through Parliament provides an opportunity for the new Government following the 2015 General Election to review the conclusions of this report and the questions that arise from it.”

The HS2 Hybrid Bill won’t be voted on until next year at the earliest: will McLoughlin answer those questions?

The Major Projects Authority, set up by David Cameron, had 75 questions for HS2 Ltd at their review last year. HS2 has had amber/red reports throughout the last government: will McLoughlin make them public, now ?

The High Speed Rail (Preparation) Act says that the expenditure on High Speed Rail between November 2013 and March 31st 2015 needs to be reported to Parliament.  Will McLoughlin also update the expected cost of HS2 to 2015 prices?

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  1. High speed rail works best on longer distances such as Glasgow and Edinburgh to Birmingham and London. Start at Scotland and design a better route from Birmingham to London via the m1.

  2. Surely with 56 SNP members in he house, there is a huge benefit in starting HS2 in Scotland then, after that has clipped ages off the North South transport problem, also linking Manchester Airport to Birmingham Airport?

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