Buccaneering Dave commits to £50bn HS2 in the Conservative manifesto

David Cameron launched the Conservative manifesto this morning. In a speech that referred to buccaneering, he also referred to the plans to build HS2. As expected the Conservatives committed to the £50 billion HS2 (and HS3 as well).

It’s worth noting that buccaneers were legalised pirates who had a letter of authority from the British government to steal from other people – the parallels with HS2 Ltd are obvious.

On the Northern Powerhouse, the Conservative manifesto said:

p 11 …And that is on top of our £50 billion commitment to build High Speed 2 – the new North-South railway linking up London with the West Midlands, Leeds and Manchester – and develop High Speed 3 to join up the North….

On railways

p 14…In addition to rolling out our national high-speed rail network, with High Speed 2 and High Speed 3, we will complete the construction of the new east-west Crossrail across Greater London, and push forward with plans for Crossrail 2, a new rail route running through London and connecting Surrey and Hertfordshire.

On the Environment:

p56…We will build new roads and railways in a way that limits, as far as possible, their impact on the environment. This includes investing £300 million in cutting light pollution from new roads, doing more tunnelling, building better noise barriers and helping to restore lost habitat. We will also replace locally any biodiversity lost in the construction of High Speed 2.

Here comes the plundering Dave

Here comes the plundering Dave

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  1. Where has the UK HS2 breached the Aarhus Convention in your community by lack of public participation and breach of Article 6.4

    Reading the Aarhuss Convention there appears to be several breaches including Article 6 point 4. If you have a facility or changes from HS2 you consider breached the convention you can write to and present a complaint on no more than 10 pages with up to 5 attachments explaining the breach and the facility. If the petitioning will not change the outcome for you and you and your community consider you were not treated in accordance with the Convention complain. The process is not difficult. If you are within one of the 51M areas you may have exhaused all the UK legal processes and can now bring a complaint on health, welfare and environmental grounds. This can be your manifesto to submit a complaint to the Aarhus Convention. Did you expect a proper transparent process but were shut out in 2009 to 2010 or more recently please complain that the UK may be in breach.



    Convinced that the implementation of this Convention will contribute to strengthening ….. This Convention shall be open for signature at Aarhus (Denmark) on 25.

    Public Participation – Home


    The Aarhus Convention and its Protocol empower people with the rights to access easily information, participate effectively in decision-making in environmental …

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