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In a recent written question, Baroness Kramer confirmed that spending on HS2 to date was £913 million.  While this sounds – and is – a lot of money, it is dwarfed by the amount yet to spend.  The Department for Transport’s estimate of HS2 costs is £50,000 million (including HS2 trains) in 2011 prices. Allowing for inflation, the actual amount spent will be much higher.

Q Asked by Lord Truscott 05 February 2015
Department for Transport
High Speed 2 Railway Line
To ask Her Majesty’s Government how much they have spent on HS2 and all its associated works to date.

A Answered by: Baroness Kramer on 12 February 2015
The actual spend to the end of January 2015 is £913m. This includes HS2 Ltd resource and capital and High Speed Rail Group (DfT (c)) capital expenditure:

Period Resource Capital Total
Pre 14/15 £442.8m £168.3m £611.1m
14/15 £23.2m £278.6m £301.8m
Total £466m £447m £912.9m
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  1. Just an aside, but I wonder what Capital spend they have had so far ( almost half a billion ) since they haven’t started building anything yet.

  2. What could have been achieved with the same money for the real improvements. The ramp up in waste has to include the repayment debt on the borrowing of this sum. It does not provide a project of wider value.

    This route is of no signifcant value to the local and regional HS2 corridor and of minimal value to the nation. A person such as Kramer feels big about the number but the many MPs who authorised this wasteful loss to the nation should lose their jobs and income. Shameful squandering the three leaders worked to cause.

  3. Would the cost of NHS emergency provision for treatment of construction engineers or others treated as a result of HS2, be included in the HS2 budget or would the NHS have to shoulder these costs? All these HS2 hidden expenditures will add up, but how many are being accounted for elsewhere?

    • YES, of course, Gloria, any medical emergencies will be covered by NHS services, funded by the public purse and financed by the National Insurance and Income Tax Contributions paid for by us all, not least by those employed by HS2 Ltd and their contractors,- just like me ,you and the rest of us.
      It’s good that they will be contributing, rather than living on benefits, as I am sure you will agree.

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