Fifty billion goes up in smoke on HS2

Last weekend (31st January 2015), to mark the second anniversary of Phase 2 of HS2 being announced, a symbolic £50bn was set fire at Greenhayes Farm near Middlewich. If HS2 does go ahead the farm house at Greenheyes would be demolished, and the dairy farm almost certainly would no longer be viable.

£50bn - Before

£50bn – Before HS2

£50bn - After HS2

£50bn – After HS2

Fifty cardboard boxes, each ‘containing £1 billion,’ went up in flames at Middlewich, with bonfires also taking place in the Staffordshire villages of Ingestre and Colton.

Graham Delow, who organised the Cheshire event said:

“The event was very successful and we have achieved our two objectives of marking the 2nd anniversary of the announcement of HS2 Phase 2 and to put over what an extremely large amount of money £50 billion is, which helped demonstrate that HS2 is such an awful way to spend £50 billion of Tax Payers money.”

Members of the public were joined by Tina-Louise Rothery, Green Party PPC for the Tatton constituency, Amos Wright, UKIP PPC for the Weaver Vale constituency and Charles Dodman, UKIP PPC for the Eddisbury constituency.

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  2. Good gesture ,lovely hot blaze, warm feelings (and knees} engendered all round, -but , hey, didn’t your ‘Green’ lady have any reservations about releasing so much Co2 and smoke -about which we are rightly so concerned-into the atmosphere?

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