Buzz – No End In Sight For HS2 Project

South Heath Against HS2 published this on their website recently:

The aptly named Mr Walker, HS2 and Network Rail’s development director for Euston, has; according to The Telegraph, declared that “design work on the station has been “stopped” because HS2 “simply couldn’t get the costs and benefits of the scheme to balance in an affordable way.”

“Euston we have another problem!”

This unsurprising development may well mean that HS2 will now start in Birmingham and end somewhere outside of London, with passengers carrying their luggage the final few miles. Is this the government’s answer to the obesity crisis?

Proof if it were ever needed that the government had decided that the HS2 project really was nothing to do with saving time on train journeys. 

It has also been suggested that the train journey could terminate at a new “Boris Bike Center” at Hillingdon, where passengers could easily cycle into the city and be the envy of their colleagues. Our sources suggest that various cycles may be available, including the “new for HS2 four seater tandem”. This “businessman’s special” would enable commuters to hold business meetings “al fresco” while negotiating their way through the morning traffic.

Such “out of the box” thinking is what is making modern Britain great, demonstrating that our politicians really are “in touch with ordinary people” and are able to provide a novel solution for those not wishing to waste valuable time while travelling to work.

Buzz looks forward to the colourful spectacle of Lycra wearing businessmen, boarding the train at Meadowhall and New Street, with rucksacks on their backs.

Inspired by Telegraph Article: HS2 Slowly Dying


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  1. The MPs are using HS2 with different interpretations of their previous involvements in your interests but have not all acted in your interest but in theirs.

    To ensure Communities have rights to overcome previous injustices to their lives and property and their communities legal challenge is very important for 2015 because the Select Committee does not have sufficient powers to make the changes some communities need to reduce the direct and specific impacts on them from the HS2 plan shortomings. Conversations have failed to make the changes communities require and some local authorities are now simply trying to reduce the impacts on themselves not on yourselves.

    Legal challenge is the legitimate way to find the routes for changes which are now being begged but not delivered.

    Your community’s impact reduction is not part of the larger party plans and after May 2015 when the salesmanship is over and the same weak MPs are back the party plans will be gone but HS2 will not be gone.

    Legal legitimate challenge is the only none political approach to impact the politicians where it can be shown your community was not provided with proper processes in the Command Paper of 2010 and the 2011 public consultation identify those areas where no EIA or SEA was done at that time for significant projects which were assumed to be part of HS2 but did not follow proper process when DFT and HS2 did not have the powers to avoid following the legislation at that time. Find the area of roads, land take and separate impacts which needed to have EIAs that clearly did not and which your community/communities did not have a separate consultation about please. Happy New Year for changes to this HS2.

  2. Has our age continues to grow.and our developments in communications grow .Why is our leaders waisting our money on this project when what we are going to need is more hospitals and well being for the old it just makes no sense

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