The advert HS2 Ltd don’t want you to see

“Legal, Decent, Honest, Truthful” is the slogan of the Advertising Standards Authority. However, they never got to decide whether this advert from HS2 Ltd was any of those things, as for the third time when faced with a complaint to the ASA, HS2 Ltd decided to withdraw the subject of the complaint, rather than try and defend the charges against them. More details here.

One comment to “The advert HS2 Ltd don’t want you to see”
  1. Before the 2nd Reading of the HS2 Hybrid Bill, MPs had been fed all the exaggerations now revealed as at the very best as “misleading” in the HS2 promotional video.
    Many MPs were “whipped”, others were told to get lost during the vote for the 2nd Reading. Now we can see why they were whipped. There should not, morally, be a 3rd Reading without HS2 being re-examined as part of a national transport strategy, nothing else will do.

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