Come and see Stop HS2 at the Labour Party Conference

Just to let you know that Stop HS2 are on Stand 143 at the Labour Party Conference this week.

In the past this has given us the chance to talk to people at all levels in the Labour Party Conference, from ordinary members right to the very senior leadership.

But most importantly, it gives us the chance to talk to you – if you are there, we’d love to talk to you!

(And if you are outside, look for the White Elephant, and talk to us there!)Ellie at the Labour Party Conference 2012

One comment to “Come and see Stop HS2 at the Labour Party Conference”
  1. The debates in the UK are becoming further detached from the people’s real needs and the media/politics are akin to a comet wizzing by and returning to torment people with spurious images of jam tomorrow when our daily bread is the need.

    HS2 has become the meteorite that has gauged a vast swath of destruction in property values and will deepen to real losses of productive farmland, lakes and woods.

    What can the people now do to bring about a change of direction for the transport improvements England and the Union need now instead of this HS2 indulgence building the bank accounts of the Professor Do Little to make changes, Select Committee of lay MPs and several politicians well away personally from the swathe of destruction emerging within the HS2 Phases and Additional Provision take of more land and little improvements please. What will you all now do to impact the manifestoes emerging of more politics and less to address the growing backlogs of todays needs please. Let the political parties know the time for indulgences and mega changes is long gone and has delivered no benefits during the Coalition.

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