Carswell, on HS2

On Thursday Douglas Carswell, MP for Clacton, announced he was leaving the Conservative Party and joining UKIP.

He said he made the decision because he believes UKIP is the only party that can break up the “cosy Westminster elite”.

In his blog last October, he posted his views on the “wretched” HS2, and asked the question “How should I vote on HS2?

But over HS2 I remain resolutely uncertain.

Of course, there’s the cost – already in the zillions and certain to rise. Plus the fact no private investors seem willing to put their own money into the scheme.

Then there is the violation of private property interests all along the route. Not to mention the Westminster group-think lining up behind the scheme. I see all that.

But as I busily research the competing claims about capacity, I have one real nagging doubt….”

A few days later in the Telegraph last October, it looks like there had been pressure put on him from the “small clique in Downing Street, sitting on a sofa”:

…My every instinct makes me want to vote against HS2; the cost, the corporate vested interests lined up behind it, the Whitehall group-think.

But I cannot. Why?

On page 23 of the Conservative manifesto, on which I stood for election in 2010, is a straight forward promise to support the ruddy thing.

Of course, an individual MP must be free to ditch the party line – particularly if there is a constituency interest at stake…

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  1. The issue is the significant number of MP's with self inerest detachments from the public's concerns and Rumsfold's you dont always known other wastes and needs

    Will the May 2015 election change the demise of the UK which has less economic activity than all but one US state. This Government can hand the governance over to their opposition and it can be handed back again when the austerity from over debt based spending becomes larger. The Club of politicians have it made selfishly and the aggregate tax paying and pension/benefit drawing population has less income per person over the UK. What is needed is to root out waste and indulgences. Politicians do not care to do this because of focus around groups where that waste is outflowing for image as in HS2 and for waste as in the solar and wind and tide skewed subsidies in distorted alternative energy mythical beliefs. Politics is no longer aiding personal prosperity for the general population and the population in the UK is growing to undermine the average available income per person. Politicians have lost real control of prosperity for the majority for the past thirty years. What they have learnt is that a rescue arrangement will keep their personal boat afloat, whilst most of the population sinks further into debt (public or private). UKIP and all parties have mainly personal self interest first and not your interest. It is not the politicians who can change the UK;s fortunes positively it is your creative and beneficial contributions and work. It is necessary to select competent candidates not more members of the same club. Oust the waste from political party manifestos such as this HS2 proposition to demonstrate the population has not handed over yet more wasteful opportunities to window dressing Civil Servants, temporary MPs in office or in herded lobbying groups as occurred for HS2. Time needs to be called on more of the same in different parties please.

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