To Boris, from Ruislip

This is a guest article by Lottie Jones, from Ruislip Against HS2

Ruislip Against HS2 are disappointed to be losing Sir John Randall as MP, given his support and help with our campaign so far.

Boris Johnson and Lottie Jones

Boris Johnson and Lottie Jones

The Uxbridge/ South Ruislip seat has been safe under Randall but Johnson will have some serious work to do if he’s going to win round potential constituents, he’ll have to be prepared to really step up on HS2.

As Mayor of London he has been vocal when calling for better planning and mitigation of HS2 across London, including his support for the” Heathrow Spur” to be dropped.However he has also made seriously disparaging remark about campaigners against HS2, which many will find very difficult to forgive.

He has been reluctant in the past to be drawn on his overall position on HS2 but if he wants to be MP here he’ll have to make up his mind just where he stands – and soon. If he thinks he can use this move to become MP as a stepping stone without taking local issues seriously then he can think again.

RAHS2 have met with Boris several times over the last few years and we’ve made him aware of the HS2 issues here but he’s going to have to quickly learn in more detail just how badly Ruislip is affected by the plans and just how strong the local feeling against HS2 is.We will of course be offering him an insight into the local knowledge that he’ll be needing…

Boris Johnson may have picked Uxbridge and South Ruislip to stand as MP – but we haven’t picked him yet.

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  1. I am glad to see that you agree with me and that I shall have to wait to see if your predictions become facts on the 8th of May.

  2. UKIP remain snesibly totally opposed to HS2, they fail to see any logic. Remember, contrary to the “cross party support”, that was mostly due to “whipping”. MPs representing 0.016% of the population voted for HS2, the last YouGov showed 44% against, so much for democracy. The capacity argument is flawed, how will HS2 help when the first leg is not due to be completed until 2027? It’s all nonsense, and very expensive, come on Labour come out against!

  3. If Labour declare no to this HS2 Route 3 then vote for Chris Summers to obtain the MP to make a change to the current Hybrid Bill

    HS2 targets South Ruislip for no local gain. How with the A40 cope with the HS2 construction traffic and cyclists.
    Time to demonstrate contrary to the political pundits the HS2 issue is dominant in the voters minds and if Labour move from looking both ways but singing the Coalition tune people will vote for the different manifesto commitment to change the current Route 3 Phase 1 starting with South Ruislip and crossing Buckinghamshire differently and for less cost than HS2’s budget. Boris is not going to do this because he will be in line with his Leader..

    VOTE FOR CHRIS SUMMERS | Labour Prospective …
    Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate For Uxbridge & South Ruislip in … HS2 – I am not convinced by the business case for HS2 which, at its current …
    Boris to stand in Uxbridge and South Ruislip – all the reaction…/boris-stand-uxbridge-south-ruislip-767243...
    4 days ago – Chris Summers, Labour’s PPC for Uxbridge and South Ruislip in the … London Mayor Boris Johnson with Lottie Jones of Ruislip Against HS2.
    MPs’ responses reveal a plague of HS2 blight across the area…/mps-responses-reveal-plague-hs2-6400555
    12 Dec 2013 – The deadline for the HS2 property compensation consultation … do not go far enough for my constituents in Uxbridge and South Ruislip.
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  4. The Uxbridge/ South Ruislip seat has been safe under Randall but Johnson will have some serious work to do if he’s going to win round potential constituents, he’ll have to be prepared to really step up on HS2

    I have to assume this claim is made more in jest than real seriousness?

    For the record, here is a summary of the Uxbridge & South Ruislip constituency result in 2010;
    John Randall (Con) 21,758
    Sidharath Garg (Lab) 10,542
    Michael Cox (Lib Dem) 8,995
    Dianne Neal (BNP) 1,396
    Mark Wadsworth (UKIP) 1,234
    Mike Harling (Green) 477
    Roger Cooper (Eng. Dem) 403
    Francis Mcallister (NF) 271

    Common sense informs any objective observer the following;

    1. The Lib Dem vote share will collapse (the most likely beneficiary being Boris for the Conservatives, then Labour followed by UKIP)
    2. Boris will tend to consolidate and increase the Conservative vote share, making the seat even safer
    3. UKIP are NOT serious challengers in the seat
    4. Neither are the Greens

    Now if someone wants to point out a flaw in this analysis, please go ahead.

    STOP HS2 supporters might be convinced that HS2 is the only policy in town but I am the bearer of bad news – it hardly figures for the vast majority of voters and First Past the Post voting will ensure Boris romps home in this constituency next May – he won’t even need to mention it during the campaign period and still be certain of victory!

    • Still “facilitating” eh Peter ? I thought you had packed that in now that your team have got Cameron firmly in their pocket.

      You simply don’t now whether UKIP can have a significant impact on the by-election or not. A lot of things have changed quite a bit in the last few years haven’t they ? But one thing is for sure, there are lots of people in Uxbridge and Ruislip who do not share the views of the vested Manchester interests that you advocate for. If Johnson has alienated even just a few thousand people on this patch then he could have a problem.

        Still resorting to trivial personalisation of the debate – I thought you might have tired of that tactic by now?

        How about actually responding to the FACTS in my comment rather than lame attempts to demonise me for having the temerity to support the principles underpinning broad HS2 policy.

        Frankly, I am more interested in hearing from Lottie Jones herself and why she believes HS2 will be some kind of make or break issue for Uxbridge & South Ruislip residents during the forthcoming election campaign?

        Harsh mathematical reality and basic political “nous” informs any objective observer that Boris is on a home banker in his choice of location for the first stage of his Westminster political career comeback – the notion that he will have to dance to the tune of HS2 campaigners in the constituency is quite ludicrous

        I’m sorry Lottie but you are living in a fantasy world if you think Boris Johnson is going to champion your cause as the price of victory during next May’s contest in Uxbridge & South Ruislip – he doensn’t have to bother and guess what; he won’t!

        • Peter,I’m glad you’re interested. There are a great deal of local issues that Boris is going to have to familiarise himself with if he wants to be MP for South Ruislip and Uxbridge but HS2 is one of the biggest issues ever to be faced here so he will at some point have to address that fact. I am under no illusion, he will win a great deal of votes – just because..but do not under estimate the knowledge and feeling of voters here. I am also under no illusion that Johnson is suddenly going to try and stop HS2 because he’ll think that ‘s what will win him a seat.However the people of Ruislip will not be sitting back and giving him an easy time. Anyone who wants to represent the people of Ruislip will need to understand the detail of HS2 as we do – and our aim will be to share that local knowledge with all the candidates.

          • Many thanks for your considered response Lottie

            I agree with you that Boris Johnson will have to take account of local issues and I am sure he will – that process will include HS2 of course because it is a matter of local concern

            I am merely making you aware of two unavoidable factors;
            1) The massive role of First Past the Post voting in securing seats for incumbent parties – this influence alone will see Boris home and dry even if he chose to follow what you perceive as a reckless route by completely blanking anti-HS2 campaigners – he won’t do that of course – he will listen politely to your concerns – make the right kind of sympathetic noises and effectively carry on regardless – that’s a harsh electoral/political reality you and your campaign will have to deal with
            2. That whilst HS2 might seem like the be all and end all for you, for the vast majority (even in Uxbridge and South Ruislip) it isn’t – it’s a peripheral issue hardly likely to figure on their list of immediate concerns – sorry but that’s a reality you can’t skirt round

            Boris will be elected next May, whether or not he cares to take any significant notice of your campaign

        • The only FACTS in your statement are the results of the 2010 election. The rest, however likely it may be, is conjecture on your part as usual.

          • For a lesson in how to debate this important issue – see the comment below the line from Lottie Jones

            The FACTS I have included in my comment are germane to this topic – if you choose to ignore them, that’s your choice but when Boris is giving his victory speech in the early hours of Friday 8th May (with HS2 still proceeding uninterrupted), you will remember where you heard it first?

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